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The Game of Skin Care

June 15, 2018

Brace yourselves…summer is coming! If you follow Game of thrones, you undoubtedly appreciate the flawless skin of Daenerys. And in stark contrast, we all wish to avoid the thick
leathery skin like that of her dragons. Now is a great time to keep in mind some basic elements of skin care. First and foremost and no surprise, is using a quality cleanser. Sweat, dirt, oils, and debris insult our face and skin daily. Keeping our pores clear helps prevent acne and unwanted inflammation of our skin. Quality products do not contain an abundance of harsh chemicals, parabens or dyes. Quality cleansers
do contain vitamins, mineral and nutrients that nourish and promote your skin’s health.  


Next is hydration. To minimize the wrinkles and avoid looking and feeling like a dragon, use moisturizer daily. Regardless of how much water you drink and hydrated your body is, exposure to sun and elements will quickly promote dehydration from your skin. Basic quality skin
moisturizers are easy to find and easy to use. I recommend oil-free moisturizers and from companies that do not promote animal testing with their products.
Finally and of upmost importance is protection from harmful UV radiation of the sun. Prolonged and repetitive sun exposure is main cause of skin issues that we develop. From relatively harmless blemishes like sun spots, to sun burns and of course, to skin cancer. These ailments
can all be minimized and even prevented by appropriately protecting yourself. Use sunscreen.
Use it everyday that you are outside! Keep in mind how often you may need to re-apply, especially of you are swimming or sweating a lot. Use a quality product. Look for a product that
contains zinc oxide, a safe UV blocking naturally occurring mineral. I also recommend products
that are fragrance-free, oil-free, paraben-free and noncomedogenic. Noncomedogenic simply
means that is does not clog pores and in effect decreases the likelihood of acne. I am happy to answer any questions, discuss specific products, and make personal
recommendations based on your skin type and sensitivities.


Feel free to contact me any time!


And if you wish your skin to look more like Daenerys and less like her dragon’s keep these tips in mind. Have a great summer and remember - cleanse, hydrate and protect!


Brian Opitz MD

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