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Urgent Care & Walk In Clinic in Greensboro


At Wake Forest Baptist Health, Urgent Care Pisgah Church we wish to provide the most efficient yet comfortable and caring treatment in a luxury setting when you are not feeling your best. Caring providers who seek to ease your hardships by any means possible will be quickly available for you. From treating any urgent and non-life threatening condition or injury, to counseling on health and illness prevention, to employer requirements, we will stop at nothing until all of your concerns and expectations are identified and exceeded.

Mission Statement

Triad Urgent Care, PLLC will be the pillar of quality health care that promises to keep the patient and family at its focus. As an urgent care, we will strive to provide the most efficient yet comfortable and caring treatment in a luxury setting that demonstrates how we would wish to be treated ourselves when not feeling our best. We will stop at nothing until every concern is addressed and every expectation is met and then exceeded.

Who We Are

We began as three physician entrepreneurs who saw a need for high quality, urgent health care needs in our community. We bring a world-class team of Advanced Practice Providers (including physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners), nursing staff and office personnel to provide the highest quality patient and family centric care. Our urgent care clinic prides itself with maintaining a comfortable and respectful atmosphere that is often not found in many health care facilities for you, the patient. We strive to provide fast, friendly, and caring service for you and your loved ones.

TUC History

As physician entrepreneurs, we sought to build the highest quality, patient and family centric health care facility around. Knowing that specialty care and even primary care visits could take weeks or months from the time that you felt ill to be seen, we feel that simply was unacceptable for health care that strives to do what is right for patients in a timely manner. While there are definitely times that call for preventative and general health care and certainly a time for emergency services in times of critical illness, what is there for those that are sick and cannot wait? Having growing families with young children, we personally know the hardships of living with busy schedules, yet desiring to spend the most time with family and friends and ensuring their happiness and health. We have heard all of the complaints and horror stories of patients and families who have had to wait for hours in a full emergency department waiting room, or days to weeks to get an appointment with a family physician or specialist. We decided that there was need in our community for patients and families who desired something better.


Thus was born the idea to produce the highest-level urgent care in terms of quality, service, and efficiency. In the changing landscape of health care in the United States, we are firm believers that patient and family oriented care will be the driving force to shape medicine in the years to come. Government influences have begun the rapid changes affecting the quality, the financial aspects, and the access of medical care. Let’s take the next step in driving face-to-face medical care in the right direction, providing care in an honest, caring, and expedient manner when you are feeling your worst to get you back to feeling your best!